About Us

Xandy has been three years in the making.

Luke Adams was just a poor little college boy when he switched his major from physical therapy to Arts Administration. Pretty drastic, huh? Well some people are born to get a license, to be a doctor, maybe a teacher? Some of us are born to create our own thing because we realize how crappy it would be to run someone else's business for them.

With the little money that Luke had in his bank account, he bought Adobe suites and started to make designs. Because he didn't switch majors to work for the man, he switched majors to be the man.

So the year is 2016, Luke is making the shittiest designs possible because his knowledge of Adobe has severely dropped since his senior year of high school. But he kept pushing through between games of Mario Kart and beer pong with his roommates, and some of those designs became better.

In class, Luke would constantly doodle and brainstorm ideas for his brand. He didn't even know what to name it yet. When all of a sudden it hit him:


Why Xandy? Because it rolls off the tongue, it's sexy. Too many people are running around these days and trying to make catchy brand names with already existing words. Do you think the people at Nike were worried about the name? No. People were probably like "Wtf is Nike"? Similar to Zumiez. Like what is that? Well now people know. And they are household names; that's our vision with Xandy.

With our target audience, drugs and prescriptions have become a popular topic among the people. Constantly melting their brains with all sorts of drugs. Is it because of music and movies? Maybe. But one of the drugs in particular has hit the forefront: Xanax. We thought Xandy would be a good name. It rolls off the tongue well, and it resonates with the younger people.

Luke battled severe depression since he was about 17 years old without telling anyone, with a small case of anxiety. It wasn't until his senior year of college that he decided to see someone about it, so he called up his doctors office. They started to pump him with antidepressants to try and make him feel better. Nothing seems to work. Psychiatrists, therapists, prescription drugs; Nothing was making him feel better.

The only time Luke felt alive is when he was working on his designs; that was the only time Luke could block out the world and really be himself. Thus, XaNdY was born.

Although the appearance of our designs and our brand name might confuse you into thinking that we condone the abuse of prescription drugs, or any drugs for that matter, but we really wanted to bring light to the issue. Don't become an addict to these drugs, but instead wear them to show your support for people and families who deal with it.

Luke now had a solid reason to start his brand: to help people going through mental health issues and bring light to addiction. It is his hope that people will hear his message and not only end the stigma behind mental health issues, but also raise awareness on the vicious side effects of anti-depressants and other drugs that effect an individual's psyche.

10% of all profits at the end of each year will be donated to various mental health organizations and charities in attempts to end the stigma and raise awareness.

With the help from his friends, family, and hometown, Xandy officially launched in May 2019 and he couldn't be more proud of himself and everyone that helped make this possible.